Video Series: How to Build Up a New JEF Section

During the JEF Training Days in Brussels (March 2013) and the Strasburg-Stuttgart Seminar (April 2013) we asked JEF members from various sections to talk about their experiences with founding new local JEF sections. This project was inspired by a workgroup meeting of JEF Europe about founding new sections.

We’re looking for translators (for the subtitles). Interested? See our Call for Translators.

The second part: It’s all about Recruiting!

When you start, there’s one thing you usually don’t have: Members. Learn how to find them!

The first part is out. Its theme: Motivation

So have a motivated weekend!

Watch the trailer

Stay tuned, as we will be releasing the topical videos over time.

Next up

  • Summer 2014: Part 3 – Tips and Hints

Our interviewees

  • Daan Pelckmans, JEF Belgium
  • Pierre-Marie Simon, Jeunes Européens France
  • Angelique Vandekerckhove, JEF Belgium
  • Miriam Postiglione, JEF Italy
  • Chris Powers, Young European Movement UK
  • Chloé Fabre, Jeunes Européens France

Wanna help, join, share?

Well, first of all: The videos are Creative Commons, so feel free to share them or embed them on your website!

Call for Translators

Of course, producing such a video series is a lot of work – which we did and it was fun! But there’s more: Currently everything is in English. That’s nice, but there could be subtitles. And wouldn’t it be awesome to have subtitles in all European languages?

If you’d like to help us (it’s about an hour’s work), contact us, tell us into which language you would like to translate the subtitles to and we’ll be happy to take your help. Plus you’ll be eternalised in the credits.


  1. Email us:
  2. Download the translator’s package for the part you want to translate and read the contained information
  3. Start translating using a simple text editor
  4. Send your work back to us
  5. Tell us your name so we can mention you in the credits

Who contributed so far

  • Spanish: Óliver Soto Sainz
  • French: Claire Darmé
  • Italian: Antonella Succurro
  • Turkish: Özgün Kaplama
  • Norwegian: Marlene Hakkebo
  • Hassian: Roland Mittmann

Translation Status

Language Part 1 – Motivation Part 2 – Recruiting Part 3 – Tips and Hints
BG – Bulgarian  Help us!  Help us!
CA – Catalan  Help us!  Help us!
CS – Czech  Help us!  Help us!
DA – Danish  Help us!  Help us!
DE – German done done
DE_HE – Hassian done Help us!
EL – Greek  Help us!  Help us!
EN – English done done
EO – Esperanto  Help us!  Help us!
ES – Spanish  done (not cross-checked, Help us!)  work in progress
ET – Estonian  Help us!  Help us!
EU – Basque  Help us!  Help us!
FI – Finnish  Help us!  Help us!
FR – French done done
GA – Irish (Gaelic)  Help us!  Help us!
GL – Galician  Help us!  Help us!
HR – Croatian  Help us!  Help us!
HU – Hungarian  Help us!  Help us!
IR – Irish  Help us!  Help us!
IT – Italian done (not cross-checked, Help us!) work in progress
LB – Luxemburgish  Help us!  Help us!
LT – Lithuanian  Help us!  Help us!
LV – Latvian  Help us!  Help us!
MT – Maltese  Help us!  Help us!
NL – Dutch  Help us!  Help us!
NO – Norvegian done (not cross-checked, Help us!) Help us!
PL – Polish  checking/uploading Help us!
PT – Portugese  Help us!  Help us!
RO – Romanian  Help us!  Help us!
ROM – Romani  Help us!  Help us!
RU – Russian  Help us!  Help us!
SK – Slovak  done (not cross-checked, Help us!)  Help us!
SL – Slovene  Help us!  Help us!
SV – Swedish  Help us!  Help us!
TR – Turkish checking/uploading Help us!
ZH – Chinese  Help us!  Help us!