Press Release Young European Federalists support pro-EU demonstrations in Ukraine

Students are standing up to a feature in Europe. Photo: Ivan Bandura

Students are standing up to a feature in Europe. Photo: Ivan Bandura

Backing the recent protests in Ukraine, JEF-Europe expresses its strong concern over the Ukrainian government’s decision to cease negotiations for closer ties with the European Union.

JEF-Europe believes that the Ukrainian government serves short term economic interests, rather than the real interests of its citizens when turning away from Europe. “Ukraine’s future is European” explains Pauline Gessant, President of JEF-Europe. “Although we understand the delicate geopolitical situation of the country especially with regards to economic policies, it is our sincere belief that this decision creates more issues on European soil than it resolves”, explains Ivana Jordanovska, Member of the Executive Board of JEF-Europe.

JEF-Europe empathises with the feelings and opinion of the protesters in Ukraine and shares their desire to be part of a strong and unified Europe. Besides JEF-Europe strongly condemns the clashes between protesters and police forces during this protest.

JEF-Europe hopes that the voice of the citizens of Ukraine will reach the institutions and have a meaningful effect on their future decisions.

“We ask the Ukrainian government to revise its decision and we urge the EU and Ukraine to aim for the establishment of a comprehensive, strong and equal partnership, based on democratic values and mutual respect, with the common goal of a peaceful and prosperous future for the European continent”  adds Gessant.

Contact: Pauline Gessant, President, , +33(0)683 116 009

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